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Seat Cover Repairs In Kitchener

If you are looking to upgrade your fabric seats or want to replace the old leather interior, we can help. Leather seats are a good investment and they also increase the value of your vehicle. From damaged foam repairs to seat cover repairs in Kitchener, Herman's Auto Trim is your one-stop shop for all your upholstery requirements. We have a wide variety of materials that can match your existing upholstery. Whether it is torn, ripped off, cracked or faded, we can fix it. We also provide reupholstering for RV interiors. Besides providing quality reupholstering services for motorcycles, cars and snowmobiles, we have the ability to customize any seat to meet your requirements.

bike seat

Flexible and Creative Solutions

Automotive interior is our specialty. Besides auto upholstery, we are one of the most popular motorcycle upholstery companies in Kitchener. Motorcycle seat foam modifications and reshaping the foam can make your motorbike feel like a new machine. We can also custom-make seats for motorcycles and snowmobiles. You can choose any upholstery material (leather or vinyl), colour or style of stitches.

Our certified professionals know how to treat your auto upholstery as per your requirements. Call us to learn more about our services.

Fix Your Seats

Increase the value of your vehicle with customized leather seats.

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